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6pack supplements is a family-owned health food and supplement shop in Reading. Ever since we opened in 2015, our team grew, and so did our expertise. In a few years 6pack supplements has become one of the recognized retailers of sports supplements in Berkshire. We are now a strong squad of fitness enthusiasts excited to show you the ropes of proper nutrition, exercise and good living. We know how important it is to get the correct supplements and in addition to stocking products from top brands, we provide a very high standard of service and professional advice to ensure our customers are always satisfied.

We opened our online shop in 2020, and it’s been a great success! Our clients come for great nutrition advice and trust our workout tips. They keep coming back for more, always hungry for the best supplements and excited to sample our tastiest guilt-free snacks. And we are always ready to help them find the best products to suit their needs. We are more than just a supplement store, we are here to help offering experienced advice ranging from training tips to dietary information.

6pack supplements is our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards of professional service and best products.” Michal Borzecki – 6pack supplements – Founder


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Hi! I’m Michał, and I own 6pack Supplements. I love helping our clients, not because it’s my job, but it’s because I share their story! The first time I went to the gym, I struggled. So I decided to challenge myself and to turn fitness into my profession. My courses and certifications prove how dedicated I am to the role.

My clients can trust me because I never stop learning and keep up to date with the newest researched-backed supplementation and nutrition info. I love inspiring people to find the strength within them. I work with beginners, athletes and bodybuilders. Because no matter your level, it all starts in your head.


Your fitness and bodybuilding experts

Hi. I’m Marek, and I am a bodybuilding freak and a personal trainer. I’ve competed many times, often with great success. 6Pack Supplements is the way to go when you want to go far in your fitness journey. As a personal trainer, I love helping people achieve their goals. Don’t be shy; I am here to answer all your questions and help you stay fit and build the body that you want!

Feel free to ask me anything! You can also book your training online with me via the 6PACK website or Facebook, and maybe you will get a training discount!

Hello, I’m Omar. I am a bodybuilder and personal trainer with many competitions under my belt. If you need online tips, top workout plans or help choosing the best supplement from 6pack Supplements, I am here for you. We all begin somewhere, and beginnings can be tricky. But as you start your fitness journey, if you fuel your body with proper nutrients and vitamins, you’ll give it the power to keep going.


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your fitness game, you will benefit from the best pro-tips on supplements or workout plans! Hit us up; we’ve got your back! Our expertise will be the best insurance for your fitness success.

The fitness journey is not only about looks. Of course, everybody loves a sixpack, but we believe the goal is GROWTH. Not only muscle growth but also character growth. It is about learning to exercise regularly and showing up for yourself every day. It is about learning to eat a balanced diet with the right nutrients. It is also about finding the best supplements for your needs. It is about treating your body well – believe us, it will reciprocate. And finally, it is about making your health a priority. Staying fit is the best investment you will ever make, so make it count, baby!

6Pack Supplements Team