How to build a sixpack fast


How to build a sixpack fast

A flat tummy with a nicely defined shape is one of the most desired fitness goals out there. It is also one that is the trickiest to achieve. Love handles and lower abdominals are one the most challenging places to shed fat from. That means that you need to attack them from three different perspectives! Diet, cardio and strength training. So, to build a sixpack fast, you need a comprehensive strategy and determination. Here’s what you need to do.

Eat to lose fat

Abs are made in the kitchen. If you want abs of steel under your top, focus on your diet first. Golder rules of belly fat burning are simple, even if at times hard to follow. Drink your water, load up on protein and focus on whole carbs. Water maintains good metabolism and regulates appetite; protein rebuilds muscle fibres, and unrefined, natural carbohydrates provide the fibre that helps digestion. If you struggle with protein intake, invest in protein supplements you enjoy and take them in between meals. This combo will help you maintain satiety and boost muscle growth.

Cut processed foods

To show you how serious we are about diet, we’re adding an extra paragraph just on processed carbs. If you are as serious about your sixpack as we are, avoid refined sugary snacks and treats, cut down your fast-food deliveries and ditch the salt in chips and crisps. Processed fat, sodium and sugar from this type of food will lead you to build more rolls instead of more abs.

Do more cardio

Raise your heart rate. Research shows that cardio is critical when you’re trying to reduce belly fat. Strength training targeting abdominals won’t burn fat around this tricky area; only cardio will achieve that. So it is essential to get off that sofa and run, bike, jump or swim – do whatever it takes to get that heart pounding and metabolism working. 

Don’t forget the strength

Even though cardio is vital, if you burn the fat tissue around your abdominal muscles, they won’t shine if they’re weak, now will they? To grow an enviable sixpack, focus on building up strength in your core – by concentrating on isometric core exercise like planks. The other recommended moves are Russian twists, mountain climbers and reverse crunches. But any strength exercises targeting the belly area will help you build up abdominal muscles and thus help you achieve an impressive physique. Before you start read the supplement guide to not lose your mind.

HiiT it, baby

High-Intensity Interval Training is a type of workout that alternates between intensive, fast movements and slower recovery exercises. It usually keeps you working out more intensely over shorter intervals. This type of training does two things we love – saves time and burns more fat. In several studies, HiiT training has been shown to increase fat burning by 8% to 17%.

Slowly but surely

To achieve any health or goals, discipline is key. So before you start, remember, don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic expectations, extreme workout routines and unsustainable diet plans. Start with small changes and let the ball rolling. Every day you’ll gain more strength and more confidence in your abilities to build the body of your dreams. 

3, 2, 1, Go! You can do it!


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